T.M.F.T Linkage [Technology – Market – Fund – Talent] – Decoded

The businesses we worked with grew many fold. We started evaluating the key components that led to this manifold growth of business. Our strategy always revolved around the four pillars of client business: Technology, Market, Fund and Talent. Further research was done to identify the factors that led to consistently achieving the client business growth. The research, experience and insights over the last two decades to develop the T.M.F.T Linkage matrix and algorithm. T.M.F.T Linkage matrix and algorithm is used to assess the Enterprise Maturity Index and each parameters that impact the existence and growth of a business in achieving its entrepreneurial vision.

The survival, growth and value creation of a business or enterprise is dependent on its sustainability principle. Implementing ESG [Environment Social Governance] principles in our clients from initial days, instilling the sense of value and culture that enabled creating sustainable growth and value, thus benefitting every stakeholder made us more unique. Our successful implementation of solutions based on the in house developed T.M.F.T Linkage matrix and algorithm, enabled us to partner our clients in creating sustainable growth and value and moved consulting to the next level of being involved in the process.

Deploying T.M.F.T Linkage matrix and algorithm

The T.M.F.T Linkage Matrix and Algorithm considers Technology, Market, Fund and Talent as the pillars of significance. The mapping of present maturity of these elements and process in business is done and linked to the vision and aspirations of the business. This enables identifying the gaps and enables the experts to device the transformation framework. Thereafter an action plans with milestones is prepared to create the roadmap to achieve the vision. Each actionable is treated as a program or project management task and executed with the right team constitution. VentureBloom partners its client business to optimise resources and minimise gaps, enabling business to achieve its objectives and vision. The periodic review of the action plan and milestone achievement enable business to stay on track to the overall strategy, which results in acceleration of each project.

Whether you’re a local business or a multinational corporation, we can help you reach new levels of success. This is achieved through a transparent process of Business Transformation, build on project and program management solutions on the T.M.F.T Linkage platform. Our ideal clients are business into technology driven products and solutions having crossed USD 10 Million in revenue or unique technology companies with patents and know how.

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Matrix and Algorithm data points

Impact of T.M.F.T Linkage Solutions


Scale your growth
Years of experience updated with the latest in research has helped us build our 4 Factor Revenue Analysis model. Our model understands the Market, the offering, the Team, historical data, pricing, customer behavior and support infrastructure. We also believe in experiencing the offering first hand and second hand. This data helps us ask you the right questions and helps modify the factors to optimize revenue.


Make every payment count
Our Cost to Performance Breakdown Model deriving heavily from the Balanced Scorecard idea aims at tracing costs to two basic anchors. Who and Infrastructure. The next step is to tie in the benefits from incurring these costs. Finally we look at an Opportunity cost analysis for options. Our approach involves working at the grassroots level and co-developing solutions that would reduce resistance to change.


Plan and Prepare
Enterprise in today’s word exist in an environment of risk. The more the risk, the more a Company grow. Risk is present at each turn, whether it be Business Strategy, product, technology, operation, finance, etc. The key to create business success is to understand and mitigate Risk. This requires insightful proactive decisions and our Team is capable and competent to work with you to make the best decisions. Get in touch to learn more about how this deliverable can help you.