What we do?

Create Sustainable Growth | Value for stakeholders

VentureBloom is an International Trade and Investment consulting company with clients across 9 countries, its own presence in 4 countries and capabilities in 25 plus countries across all continents. VentureBloom partner business to create enhanced global and local presence. VentureBloom decoded sustainable growth of business and value creation through the linkage of Technology Market Fund and Talent.

Business Growth – Decoded

T.M.F.T [Technology – Market – Fund – Talent] the right linkage to foster sustainable growth

Research, experience and insights over the last two decades led to develop the T.M.F.T Linkage matrix and algorithm. T.M.F.T Linkage matrix and algorithm is used to assess the Enterprise Maturity Index and each parameters that impact the existence and growth of a business in achieving its entrepreneurial vision. We build solutions and services, project and program management to achieve sustainable growth of business.



Partnering business to achieve their goals while building sustainable
growth and value for all stakeholders



Identify the business that has the vision to build global brands and values the principle of ESG [Enterprise Social Governance]

How We Work

How we build happy clients?

 Understanding client business and goals

 Enterprise design thinking and constructive discussion

 Creating growth and enterprise framework

 Being available at all the point of need

 Setting the milestones to reach goals

 Executing projects and programs to achieve milestones

 Brand promotion and Market presence

 Improving efficiency and innovation

 Maintaining and valuing client relationship

Capabilities & Coverage

Experience and Expertise

We have two decades of experience, expertise and insights working with business across multiple domains and segments. Our experience spans from manufacturing to solutions, agriculture to defense and human expertise to AI and robotics. Enabling hands on capability to tackle every program and project in enterprise, technology, market, fund and talent space.

Global Coverage

Our global presence in Singapore, India, Kenya and Canada with Partner offices in key countries across the continents, place us in the right citadel to provide our clients the reach to these geographies. Our support capabilities augment the core strength and provide the clients seamless program and project executions, enabling the business to focus on their strengths.

Global Access

With the strengths and linkages VentureBloom brings on the table, the governments and authorities across the countries are highly committed to engage and provide the best hand holding to our clients. The access to the key decision makers further amplify our clients journey in global markets.

Global Corridors

Creating Sustainable Growth and Value for Enterprises


Scaling Enterprises
Our presence in Singapore, India, Kenya, Canada and America enable us to provide the right spring board for our clients to benefit from the Global Market. Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump. Our experience across this tangent has enable our clients to unlock their potential. If you are based in any of these markets and interested in global market expansion, we invite you to schedule a meeting with our team.


Global Technologies Unlocked
We understand the value of technology, technology collaboration, joint R&D and technology commercialisation very deeply, especially in a stand point of bilateral and multilateral technology interface. We have build this corridor with our presence in Singapore, India, Canada and our Technology Partner Offices (TPO) and capabilities in US, Israel, Switzerland, Germany and South Korea. If you are a patent holder, a person with patent in making, an enterprise with technology or an enterprise looking to source technology, we invite you to schedule a meeting with our team.


Global Markets Opened
We have build our capabilities to open up markets for our clients with our presence in Singapore, India, Kenya, Canada and our Market Access Offices (MAO) and capabilities in SE Asia, West Africa, Europe, Latin America and Australia. This enables our clients to top the global markets with the right strategy. If you are an enterprise with interest to tap the global markets, we invite you to schedule a meeting with our team.